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UT Increasing Minimum Starting Pay Rate to $8.50 an Hour

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KNOXVILLE — The University of Tennessee will increase its minimum starting pay rate to $8.50 an hour, effective July 1, 2011.

The increase in the minimum starting pay rate was a recommendation from UT’s Compensation Advisory Board and is a first step in a long-term and strategic plan to address compensation at the University.

The pay rate increase was prompted by input from University employees statewide to the UT Board of Trustees’ Effectiveness and Efficiency for the Future Committee, UTalk and various employee representative groups regarding concern for the pay of co-workers in the lower pay grades.

When it takes effect July 1, the increase in the minimum starting pay rate will impact approximately 270 current regular full- and part-time employees working on UT campuses across the state. The University’s minimum pay rate is currently $7.50 an hour. After July 1, all regular UT employees will be paid no less than $8.50 an hour.

“All of our employees — faculty and staff -– are essential to the success of the University of Tennessee,” said UT President Joe DiPietro. “As is the case for every employer, adequate compensation is an important and ongoing concern for the University. This increase in the minimum starting pay rate is a first step in a long-term process.”

The Compensation and Advisory Board was formed in March 2010 and is guided by Chief Human Resources Officer Linda Hendricks. The group is working to create UT’s first-ever strategic compensation plan and will be advancing more recommendations in the coming months and years.

Additional communication and training efforts are in process to support effective implementation of the minimum pay rate increase.

For more information about this initiative and the Compensation and Advisory Board, visit

Category: Announcements