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UT’s Conferences for Counselors Starts August 18

The University's 2015 annual conferences for high school counselors kicks off Tuesday in Jackson

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undergraduate students from Chattanooga, Knoxville and Martin campuses

KNOXVILLE – Two years ago, 86 percent of Tennessee’s high school seniors turned their tassels and became high school graduates. Three months later, only half of those high school graduates were entering college. The decision of whether to seek higher education – or not – had been made long before high school graduation.

With that in mind, the University of Tennessee’s Conferences for Counselors is designed to give high school counselors information and tools to help more students understand that higher education is within their reach.

At the annual conferences – a series of eight presentations at locations across the state – high school counselors get essential information on admissions and scholarships from UT’s Knoxville, Chattanooga and Martin campuses. The information is provided in a simple, user-friendly format, including side-by-side comparisons of UT campus admissions requirements and available scholarships that counselors can refer to while advising high school students on higher education options.

The half-day conferences also provide access to UT admissions officers and facilitate connections between campus contacts and counselors.

“We see this program as a way to move the needle on the Governor’s Drive to 55 challenge by helping remove information barriers that may prevent some high school students from applying to college,” Katie High, UT vice president for academic affairs and student success said. “The format allows us a chance to present information to counselors face-to-face and get their feedback on how to better serve their needs.”

More than 500 high school counselors across the state attended a conference session in 2014.

UT’s 2015 Conferences for Counselors tour visits the following cities:

  • Jackson, Aug. 18
  • Martin, Aug. 19
  • Memphis, Aug. 20
  • Kingsport, Aug. 25
  • Knoxville, Aug. 26
  • Chattanooga, Aug. 27
  • Hendersonville, Sept. 1
  • Franklin, Sept. 2


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