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UT President to Deliver Inaugural State of the University Address

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State of the University of Tennessee

KNOXVILLE — University of Tennessee President Joe DiPietro presents his inaugural State of the University address in Nashville and via webcast on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

The one-hour event begins at 3 pm CST/ 4 pm EST and will include a comprehensive assessment of the University’s recent achievements, challenges, and positions on significant issues.

The program also will feature presentation of the first-ever President’s Awards, which will recognize three employees for exceptional contributions to fulfillment of the University’s mission – one winner in each of the three mission areas of education, research and outreach – and selected from the entire statewide UT workforce.

“Because the University of Tennessee is an economic engine and critical driver of quality in life in Tennessee, our progress is both a reflection of and an influence on the state’s progress in multiple areas,” DiPietro said.

“Further, because the University is a state institution with responsibility to numerous internal and external constituencies, those within the UT community and beyond deserve to hear directly where we are, where we’re going, how we benefit Tennesseans, and how they can be involved in moving their statewide university forward.”

The live webcast begins at 3 pm CST/4 pm EST and a link to it will be available at

***EDITORS AND NEWS DIRECTORS: To cover the live event in Nashville, please confirm with Gina Stafford (below) names and number of staff intended so that location access and parking information can be shared, and space reserved for you.

The live event location has limited capacity and cannot accommodate broad, public access.


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Category: Announcements