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University of Tennessee System Launches “Everywhere You Look, UT” Campaign

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KNOXVILLE – The statewide, comprehensive, collective impact of University of Tennessee campuses, institutes, experts and enterprises across the state is the subject of a multimedia marketing campaign launching today.

The first such system-level marketing effort since 2006, the “Everywhere you look, UT” campaign highlights the enduring, distinctive stature of the statewide UT system and its contributions to the lives of all Tennesseans.

“The University of Tennessee system is far more than a statewide collection of college campuses, state-of-the-art research laboratories and specialized institutes, and an outreach powerhouse. The University of Tennessee is Tennessee,” said UT President Joe DiPietro. “We are woven into the very fabric of life in the state. We transform lives through higher education and serve Tennesseans in all walks of life-hundreds of thousands every year.

“Our ‘Everywhere you look, UT’ campaign is about demonstrating the range, depth, breadth and value of the University’s impact on quality of life in every corner of Tennessee and about appealing to the sense of pride UT alumni and supporters feel in their connections to the University.”

The campaign is intended to Increase recognition and awareness of the statewide, connected nature of the UT system and its value to the state; and to grow internal and external support for the UT system and its constituent entities.

It launches with a series of billboard, radio and social media advertising across Tennessee through the end of May. Two subsequent series are planned to follow in fall 2018 and January 2019. The campaign is funded with $300,000 in private funds set aside by UT System administration and is being produced by the UT System Office of Communications and Marketing.

“Criticism and scrutiny are facts of life for a public institution as visible and consequential as the University of Tennessee, and I believe this will be a highly engaging, highly effective campaign to remind our stakeholders of the vast good done by their University for Tennesseans,” DiPietro said. “I further believe the campaign will serve as a resource to equip our many advocates with powerful stories to tell of UT impact.”

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