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2022 President’s Awards Winners Announced

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Randy Boyd with President's Award Winners.

Knoxville – University of Tennessee System President Randy Boyd recognized seven employees from across the UT System following the summer Board of Trustees meeting held in Knoxville.

The President’s Awards were established in 2016 to annually recognize the exceptional achievements of employees across the UT System in the areas of the University’s three-part mission to educate, discover and connect as well as to acknowledge outstanding contributions in the areas of support and diversity.

In 2022, the awards were enhanced to exemplify the seven Be One UT values. These values are intended to shape culture across the system and build purpose, improve team cohesion and create a sense of shared commitment in the workplace.

The awards are named after the values and each recipient is recognized for embodying one of the seven. This is the first time there have been seven recipients instead of six.

“These winners represent the ‘best in class’ in our University system,” Boyd said. “It is not only humbling but gratifying to work alongside these devoted employees.”

The President’s Awards are the highest honor a UT employee can receive from the University. Winners receive commemorative plaques and a monetary reward of $3,000. Nominations come from campus and institute leaders and are annually selected from a system-wide pool.

Award recipients represent UT Knoxville, UT Health Science Center, UT Martin, UT Space Institute, UT Chattanooga and UT System Administration. Learn more about each winner and their contributions to the state of Tennessee and their University.


Bold and Impactful

Dr. Frank Butler, Professor
UT Chattanooga

Embrace Diversity

Dr. Cindy West, Dean
College of Education, Health and Behavioral Sciences
UT Martin

Optimistic and Visionary

Dr. Orpheus Triplett, Assistant Dean
Community Oral Health and Outreach, College of Dentistry
UT Health Science Center

Nimble and Innovative

Blake Reagan, Executive Director
Policy and Process Improvement
UT System Administration

Excel in All We Do

Carla Mason, Sr. Custodian
Building Services
UT Chattanooga

United and Connected

Tyler White, Program Manager
Culinary Institute, Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Management
UT Knoxville

Transparent and Trusted

Patricia Burks-Jelks, Director
Human Resources
UT Space Institute



Category: Employees