UT News is a one-stop source for the latest news from the University of Tennessee System and its campuses and institutes delivered to your iPhone.

UT News brings the University of Tennessee’s news directly to smart phones. UT boasts a statewide enrollment of nearly 50,000 and an ever-growing alumni population of about 370,000. Through this app, UT hopes to combine multiple campuses’ individual news sites into a single on-demand news feed from each UT campus’ website.

The app also provides a quick way for all the University’s followers to visit the UT System YouTube Channel, as well as keep up to date on UT’s various outreach programs (impact in the community, current initiatives, ever-growing institutes, etc.). We believe this app provides a long overdue service for a University whose many followers need easy and quick access to UT news.

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Software Requirements

Apple iOS v. 10 and above

Android version coming soon


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What kind of information is the University of Tennessee and/or Apple collecting?

Through Apple’s developer tools, UT will have access to information about the total number of downloads of the app and the number of people using the app daily.

Official university websites may use third-party analytics services to see how much traffic to their site is coming from the mobile app. Except for analytics scripts on official campus and institute .edu websites, no other third-party tracking info will be used on this app.

What does this app have access to on my phone?

The UT News App will ask for access to push notifications on the first launch of the app. You will only receive regular notifications for the feeds you specify. UT may also send out notifications for breaking news or important announcements, such as the hiring of a new university president or chancellor in the future.

To manage notification settings on your device, go to Settings → Notifications → UT News


Please send your questions to digital@tennessee.edu or use this contact form for bugs, technical issues or other feedback about the app.