A little girl holds an orange lollipop

Collaborative Research Leads to Creative Solution

Can a candy be good for your teeth? It can be, with the right ingredients. Researchers at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center have worked together to develop a product that is changing the way erosion of tooth enamel is treated.


Doctor Daniel Sumrok
Daniel Sumrok, director of the Center for Addiction Science in the College of Medicine at UT Health Science Center, has decades of knowledge and experience in treating the devastating consequences of substance abuse.
Photo by Jane Pate, UTHSC

UTHSC’s Center for Addiction Science Recognized as First Addiction Medicine Center of Excellence in the Country

The Center for Addiction Science was founded to address the untreated addiction epidemic, providing clinical treatment services across all demographics. The center is also training physicians to offer alternate forms of pain therapy to avoid over-prescription of opioids.