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Changes to UT Career Development Fund

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Financial assistance from the University of Tennessee Career Development Fund (CDF) enables employees to attend professional development programs. The CDF committee reviews requests and approves funding based on the guidelines.

Several changes to the CDF take effect November 1, 2008. One change affects the eligibility of exempt university employees. In the future, only non-exempt, regular, full- or part-time may participate. The other change is that CDF only will fund participation in conferences that take place in Tennessee.

Since 1977, the CDF has been supported by annual gifts from employees.  Decreased donation rates necessitated the recent policy changes. Contributions to the Career Development Fund can be made online at or at or by contacting Brian Hardy, assistant vice president for annual giving at 865-974-5439 or by e-mail at

To read more information about the Career Development Fund, its guidelines, and eligibility requirements, please visit the website at

Category: Announcements