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UT Asks Gubernatorial Candidates’ Views on Higher Ed Concerns

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KNOXVILLE — Affordability, accountability and access are among the issues of concern to those both pursuing and working within higher education that are addressed by Tennessee’s gubernatorial candidates in a questionnaire released Friday by the University of Tennessee Alumni Association.

The University sought the candidates’ responses to 20 questions for the purpose of sharing the information with UT’s 300,000-member alumni community.

“The University of Tennessee Alumni Association includes graduates of every UT campus and is a group that is passionate about the University of Tennessee, about higher education, and about the well-being of both,” said Mike Moss, president of the UT Alumni Association.

“They have sought to know the gubernatorial candidates’ positions on higher education concerns so that they can make informed decisions as voters and as advocates for the University.”

The detailed answers provided by Democrat candidate Mike McWherter and Republican candidate Bill Haslam are posted at the UTAA website:

Category: Academics