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Start Thinking Now About Next Year’s Performance Review

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The deadline to complete reviews for staff performance during calendar year 2015 ended March 31, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year.

Think about how the process went and take steps now to ensure you’re contributing to a productive process.

Performance reviews shouldn’t be thought of as an annual event. During the review period, there should be multiple opportunities for check-ins to discuss how things are going, ask for help or give recognition. When this happens, the actual review becomes a natural outgrowth of those conversations. By avoiding surprises and, instead, building on past conversations, performance reviews can be forward-looking and beneficial for both parties.

Take advantage of trainings offered throughout the year, and contact your human resources office with questions. Answers to frequently asked questions, including how scores are used and what to do if you disagree with parts of your evaluation, are available online at

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Category: Employees