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Family Barn in Tazewell Displays Loyalty to UT with 50th Mural in the Everywhere You Look, UT Campaign

The UT System’s mural campaign painted its 50th mural on a family barn in Claiborne County—the 46th county to join the statewide campaign.

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Orange and white Everywhere You Look, UT mural on red barn

The University of Tennessee System’s Everywhere You Look, UT campaign painted its 50th mural on a family barn in Claiborne County—the 46th county to join the statewide campaign.

UT plans to spread orange paint in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties by 2030.

The mural was painted at Fugate Farms, which was originally founded as Parkey Farms in 1903, in Tazewell. The farm is located on both sides of U.S. 25E North, which has more than 20,000 travelers each day.

Throughout its history, Fugate Farms has been owned by different members of the Fugate family, which has seen three generations graduate from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. A fourth generation is currently attending the University.

Ruth Parkey Fugate, the granddaughter of Fugate Farms’ founders, graduated from UTK in 1970 with a master’s in education. Wayne Parkey Fugate, the great-grandson of the founders, received a master’s in education in 1971. Elizabeth Fugate, the great-grandaughter of the founders, graduated with a bachelor’s in home economics in 1969, a master’s in education in 1973 and a doctorate in education in 1986. Whitt Shuford, the great-great-grandson of the founders, graduated in 1991 with a bachelor’s in agriculture.

Today, Elizabeth Fugate and her son Whitt Shuford operate the farm. As a fifth-generation cattle farmer, Shuford sells Century Farm Meat products at his butcher shop, Whitt’s Place, on the farm. The shop is located inside the original farmhouse on Fugate Farms and sells locally grown vegetables and products in addition to natural grass-fed beef.

When Claiborne County Mayor Joe Brooks heard about the Everywhere You Look, UT mural campaign, he thought Fugate Farms would be a great location for one. He reached out to Shuford to tell him about the campaign. Shuford and Fugate agreed that their barn would be a good place to advertise the University of Tennessee as well as entice future generations to attend one of the UT campuses.

“As alumni, the mural provides an opportunity to display loyalty to the University of Tennessee,” said Fugate. “I’m pleased and honored to have it on the farm.”

To learn more about the mural in Claiborne County or to submit a location for consideration, visit the campaign website. Costs of the first mural in each county are covered by the University.


Ellie Dougherty

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